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COOS Eco Platform

World Leading BoT Platform

  • IoT Center

    IoT Center is the fundamental component of COOS Cloud. It provides one-click device registration and activation process for various kinds of smart IoT devices. Once registered and activated, the devices are able to collect the IoT data and transform the IoT data into valuable and trading ready data assets with the AI technologies of COOS.

  • Device Share Market

    COOS uses Big Data algorithms to calculate the score of COOS A1 or COOS A1 compatible devices in real time based on various dimensions including data frequency, stability etc.. If the score of the devices meets criteria, the devices can be listed on the Device Share Market. The price of the listed devices changes according to the performance of the devices in real time.

  • Data Trading Market

    The Data Trading Market trades the listed data assets like the stocks. The data buyer can access the data in the data assets with API. When the price of the purchased data assets increase, all the data buyer bought the data at a lower price will get revenue.

  • Data Bank

    COOS uses Big Data algorithms to process the raw data collected from COOS A1 or COOS A1 compatible devices into valuable data assets. Each data asset in the data bank is assigned a COOS Code e.g. D00000001 with calculated score and initial price evaluation. The users can save all the data assets into data bank. If the score of the data asset meets criteria, it can be listed into the data trading market.

  • COOS Mall

    COOS developed an online ecommerce engine which is deeply integrated with COOS platform to sell COOS A1 and other COOS compatible devices. It supports COOSPAY, an integrated cryptocurrency payment gateway, as well as traditional payment including Alipay, Wechat pay, and PayPal etc.

  • TRANX Media Sharing and Distribution Engine

    TRANX's mission is to use the IoT technology to connect every screen in the world, use blockchain technology to solve the trust problem of delivery statistics, and use AI to achieve precise delivery. TRANX's self-developed TRANSVIEW technology can adapt to the screens on all types of IoT devices to achieve perfect playback of advertisements from watches to large screens.


    COOSPAY is the world's leading cryptocurrency payment solution independently developed by COOS. It is the integrated payment solution for all kinds of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and COOS. COOSPAY can flexibly provide different wallets and payment solutions according to the policies of different regions.

  • COOS Eco Fund

    The COOS Eco Fund is jointly established by COOS, Shanghai Yujia Capital and Kechuang Group. The COOS Eco Fund mainly invests in early blockchain projects, especially those based on the COOS ecology, and promotes the ability of COOS technology to integrate upstream and downstream industry chains. The scale of the COOS Investment Fund is 20M USD, which mainly invests in early high-tech projects, and gives priority to high-tech companies or projects based on the COOS eco-platform for industrial integration, and enhances the innovation and industrialization capabilities of the COOS ecoplatform.

COOS Core Features
COOS Eco Services

With cutting-edge and mature COOS technologys, we offer full-fledged Blockchain and IoT solutions for various kinds of industries and business scenarios.

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Innovative Business Model

Blocker.AI Lab

Blocker.AI Lab is established by COOS to provide Blockchain development and DAPP (Decentralized Applications) for Blockchain projects. Blocker.AI Lab is dedicated to rapidly creating a distributed commercial application with excellent user experience through technologies such as Data Eco, the world’s leading Blockchain technology, IoT and AI etc.

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COOS Diamond Miner - Transform Data Into Valuable Data Assets

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Customers & Partners

COOS cooperates with partners to leverage Blockchain technology to develop customized solutions for various industries.